Sprinkle's style tutorials


There is definitely an art to getting the wrap dress to sit properly.  Here is a guide

  1. Hold onto the bodice (not the tie) and pull over your bust, across and down.
  2. Repeat on other side so you have proper coverage over your bust line
  3. wrap the tie around your waist to the back
  4. secure in a knot (to stop any slippage)
  5. take the tie around the waist to the front and tie in a bow on the side, making sure the tie is sitting flat around your waist...VOILA!

NB: I will be getting together a little video to demonstrate this further


No matter whether your are curvy or slender, the wrong undergarments can create unwanted lumps and bumps.  Here are a few hints to reducing them

  1. If you are wearing a wrap dress or high waisted skirt, wearing full briefs (to the waist or beyond is ideal)...this will give you a smooth silhouette around your hip line.  Another trick is to wear a larger size knicker, so you don't get any VPL
  2. A supportive, well shaped bra is also critical in creating a flattering silhouette.
  3. If you are busty make sure your bra straps are tight enough to give you the lift you desire.  (increasing the distance between your bust and waist will slim you down, as it defines your waistline).
  4. If unwanted back fat is stopping your from feeling hot to trot, either loosen the bra clip at the back or pull the bra down over your troublesome areas.  (You may need to loosen the straps off a bit)
  5. If you are wearing a top that creates ridges under a skirt, tuck it into your knickers or tights...this will smooth the line down.
  6. Cello Silhouettes:  wear control undies that start from the waist and go down to the mid thigh.  This will smooth your silhouette down a bit.
  7. Apple Silhouettes: wear a fitted full slip or camisole.  Control undergarments work well, just remember you need to be able to breathe!


If a woman has the right attitude and exudes her sense of self, she will always turn heads!  You don't have to be stick thin to be sexy...it's all about your attitude. 

REMEMBER TO HAVE FUN WEARING YOUR CLOTHES...and put your own spin into how your want to wear your outfits.

...more tips to follow!