$9.00 AUD - $26.00 AUD

Red Jasper is an incredibly grounding stone. It aligns with the Root Chakra, allowing you to anchor fully into Mother Earth.

Red Jasper is perfect to bring you back into your body after high vibrational spiritual work.

A stone of nurturing and endurance, it also brings stability, courage and inner strength.

The large palm stones are approx. 6.5x4.5cm (some are slightly larger and some slightly smaller). They weigh 84-129g

The polished oval shaped pieces are similar to cabochons with a flat back. They are approx. 4x3cm (some are slightly larger and some slightly smaller). They weigh 16-25g

There is also 1 small worry Stone.

image 1: large palm stones & small polished ovals...size comparison

image 2: selection of Red Jasper available

image 3: palm stones

image 4: small ovals

These pieces are intuitively chosen for you .

Please note the measurements are approximate.

I also have large hands, so keep that in mind when viewing the images.

POSTAGE: these items are sent REGULAR POST

Use discount code CLICKandCOLLECT at checkout if you want to pick your items up from the boutique located at 108 Lygon St. Brunswick

OVERSEAS POSTAGE: I am happy to post overseas but would have to confirm shipping costs prior to purchasing so they can be added to the order.