ORACLE DECKS (assorted 1)

$25.00 AUD - $45.00 AUD
  • ORACLE DECKS (assorted 1)
  • ORACLE DECKS (assorted 1)
  • ORACLE DECKS (assorted 1)
  • ORACLE DECKS (assorted 1)
  • ORACLE DECKS (assorted 1)

Using Oracle (and Tarot) decks is a great way to gain insight into different aspects of your life or those you are reading for; to get direction and spiritual guidance; and to gain wisdom and knowledge to help you on your journey forward.

You don't have to be an expert at reading cards to be rewarded with valuable insight. You just have to be open to receiving information. Besides, all the decks come with Guidebooks.

image 1: KEEPERS OF THE LIGHT (Kyle Gray) ...$25
'This deck is a bridge between heaven and Earth, drawing together 45 Ascended Masters, spiritual deities and higher beings from many would traditions who are here to help...'

image 2: ORACLE OF THE 7 ENERGIES (Collette Baron-Reid) ...$45
'Drawing upon the power of seven, this oracle reveals how we as individiuals experience our lives, giving us a framework from which to make empowered choices as we co-createour reality'.

image 3: THE CRYSTAL SPIRITS ORACLE (Collette Baron-Reid) ...$45
'Connecting with the crystals in this oracle deck is like communicating with beings of light, frequency and energy...each stone comes with its own message.'

image 4: FAIRY TEMPLE ORACLE (Suzy Cherub) ...$36
'This gorgeous 44 card set is a portal into their enchanting world of inspiration, insight and delight. Seek answers and discover a sanctruary where wisdom is packaged with joy, love and fortuitous opportunity'

image 5: WORK YOUR LIGHT ORACLE (Rebecca Campbell) ...$32
'Healing everything from fear and anxiety to ancestral patterns and karma, this deck will be one of the most profound and life changing you have ever encountered.'

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