ORACLE CARDS (assorted 3)

$25.00 AUD - $45.00 AUD
  • ORACLE CARDS (assorted 3)
  • ORACLE CARDS (assorted 3)
  • ORACLE CARDS (assorted 3)
  • ORACLE CARDS (assorted 3)
  • ORACLE CARDS (assorted 3)

Using Oracle (and Tarot) decks is a great way to gain insight into different aspects of your life or those you are reading for; to get direction and spiritual guidance; and to gain wisdom and knowledge to help you on your journey forward.

You don't have to be an expert at reading cards to be rewarded with valuable insight. You just have to be open to receiving information. Besides, all the decks come with Guidebooks.

image 1: DIVINE ANIMALS ORACLE (Stacey DeMarco) ...$30
'Featuring animals and mythos from across the planet, this unique oracle is not only truly beautiful but will deliver accurate and compassionate insight to the reader.'

image 2: THE SPELLS DECK (Cat Cabril) ...$40
'This enchanting deck features 78 rituals, spells and recipes for love empowerment, healing and so much more.'

image 3:WITCHES FAMILIARS ORACLE CARDS (Kate Osbourne) ...$45
'This deck puts at your fingertips 48 different famiiars that span both the aniFmal and ethereal kingdoms, each one helping you to manage your emotions and actions and rediscover your inner wisdoms.

image 4: MOONOLOGY ORACLE CARDS (Yasmin Boland) ...$25
'Use these gorgeously illustrated oracle cards to tap into Her (Moon) wisdom for healing, guidance and protection, and learn how to work with Her magical energy during each lunation'.

image 5: ANGELS AND ANCESTORS (Kyle Gray) ...$25
'Angels and Ancestors crosses the divide between all cultures to bridge the gap between this world and the next'

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